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We're often asked about the care and maintenance of our copper sinks and other copper household products. "This kitchen sink is beautiful, but will it turn green in a few months? Will it change colors if I leave acidic food items in the sink overnight?"

Natural copper is said to have a living finish or a live patina; when exposed to the elements, a chemical compound forms on the surface with a familiar green coloring (think of the statue of Liberty). Copper exposed to other chemicals can produce wildly different colors. While this is a desirable artistic trait in some copper items, this is not usually ideal for indoor household kitchen and bathroom items.

Traditionally, a spray-on lacquer or wax is applied to copper in an attempt to maintain original coloring and halt the natural patina process. Spray-on solutions must be applied frequently, which is inconvenient and presents a health concern around food and food preparation areas.

Our copper sinks, range hoods and other items come in a variety of surface finishes and patinas (colors), and are lacquered in an advanced heat-bonded process that is tested to last ten years or more. Much like the clear coat over the paint job of a vehicle, this baked-on lacquering serves to strengthen and protect the copper. You can rest assured knowing the beautiful copper patina you've chosen will maintain its stunning color.

Cleaning is done simply with warm, soapy water. For deeper disinfecting, use a non-abrasive cleanser, such as Orange Clean.

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The leading supplier of luxurious custom copper products
Superior Construction:
100% pure 16-gauge copper, never reclaimed.
Ultimate Customization:
Choose from different color patinas and surface textures and hundreds of accent designs! Can't find what you are looking for, send us a photo and we'll make it!
ZERO Maintenance:
Our advanced heat-bonded lacquering seals, strengthens, and protects the copper, eliminating the discoloring and maintenance of other copper products.
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