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Frequesntly Asked Questions

What makes our copper sinks different?
Although live patinas are available to choose, Luxury Copper specializes in coating our copper sinks with a proprietary heat-bonded clear-coat lacquer which strengthens and protects. Unlike brushed on or sprayed on lacquer finishes, ours is baked on in a special oven at very high temperatures, which bonds the lacquer to the copper surface. The result is a permanent layer of protection that won't peel off.
Choose from our beautiful selection of patinas and rest assured that the color you select will remain constant and vibrant for many years, thanks to the advanced Luxury Copper lacquering technology.

How do I care for a lacquered copper sink?
Caring for a copper sink with our proprietary baked-on lacquer finish is surprisingly easy. For basic cleaning, simply use mild soap and water. For deeper disinfecting, use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Orange Clean. Do not use copper polishes or abrasives. For extra protection, Renaissance Wax may be applied. Due to the lacquered finish, our sinks will not patina over time but will continue to look new for years.

Why should I buy a Luxury Copper drain?
Our drains are specialized for our basins, ensuring both a perfect fit and warm finishing touch that enhances the luxurious look and feel of our bowls. Using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Why does Luxury Copper not include templates?
Because of the inherent variation in dimensions of our handcrafted basins (up to 1/2 "), we do not supply templates. We recommend waiting to receive your actual bowl before making any cuts in the counter top.

Does Luxury Copper take special orders?
Customization is the name of our game. Nearly every copper item we sell is customizable in dimensions, patinas, and surface finishes. Do you have a style or design in mind for a sink or range hood, but don't see it in our selection? Let our copper craftsmen work their magic for you!. Send us a photo or draw us a sketch! In most cases, we can provide a CAD drawing along with a quote for your final approval. Please give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Can the copper bowls be undermounted?
All of the sinks with flat rims may be installed as an undermount or drop-in.

The Luxury Copper Advantage
The leading supplier of luxurious custom copper products
Superior Construction:
100% pure 16-gauge copper, never reclaimed.
Ultimate Customization:
Choose from different color patinas and surface textures and hundreds of accent designs! Can't find what you are looking for, send us a photo and we'll make it!
ZERO Maintenance:
Our advanced heat-bonded lacquering seals, strengthens, and protects the copper, eliminating the discoloring and maintenance of other copper products.
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